International COD

At Hakimian Global we offer our contractual partners the option of International Cash on Delivery (COD) services. With this type of service, payment can be collected upon delivery. We provide secure services, supported by mordern technologies, along with professional management and staff, which allow us to fulfill our partners' needs in the fastest and most efficient way, while providing maximum security for the collected payments which are then safely transferred to them in order to complete the service.


Our company owns a broad network of warehouse centres, equipped with the best machinery and technologies, as well as highly trained professionals. In addition, the management of these centres is highly expertised in order to provide the best service possible.

Packaging & Labeling


We provide packaging for the products which are going to be distributed by us. Everything we use is of the highest possible quality in order to keep our customers' goods intact during transportation.


During the handling process, we provide labeling for the goods we are working with. We offer a wide range of label sizes of the best quality in order to fit any kind of good and make it easier to process without confusion or inaccuracy.

Stock control

Being in the logistics and warehousing industry requires proper stock control. We rely on highly qualified management professionals along with innovative technology which allow us to keep track of all goods which are being handled by our experts in the most secure and efficient way. We keep track of our clients' goods whether they are on storage in our warehouses or on their way to being distributed.

Delivery 1-3 day

In addition to providing excellent services and having professional staff, we strive at delivering perfectly and on time. We guarantee that our clients' orders and goods will be handeled in a timeframe of 1 to 3 days.