Ship Agency

Hakimian Global provides container transportation and service management for major European hubs and gateways.

Ship Spares

Our company strives at providing the widest possible range of services to suit any client all in one “pit stop”, from data handling to cargo operations management. That is why we supply marine products and spare parts, consumables, ship spare parts as well as logistics and technical services.

Lubricants & Bunkers

We provide highest quality transportation with lubricant bunker vessels with maximized safety measures and highly trained professionals.

Gases & Chemicals

Our company also handles the transportation of Gases and Chemicals, for which as part of our fleet we have gas carriers, as well as appropriately trained experts and safety measures.

Fire & Safety

Being in the transportation industry, our company often handles dangerous cargo. That is why we have incorporated the most innovative means of protection on board of our fleet and the best training possible for our fleet's crew.