Our company provides a wide range of services designed to simplify the customs procedures for our clients. Our professionals provide excellent support for any type of customs clearance procedures and we are always well informed of current tariffs and classifications in order to present our clients with the best advice possible.

Security & Insurance

We always strive at providing the safest and most professional transportation possible, however there are unexpected events which can damage the quality of our services. That is why we encourage our clients to take preventative measures such as Security & Insurance, as these have often proved to lead to less expenditure.

Warehousing & Distribution

- Distribution
Our company combines well-informed professionals along with the newest technologies and traditional know-how in order to provide excellent transportation services to and from any place, at any time. We have at our disposal a set of modern fleet, a wide network of connections and stakeholders, and an innovative operating system, which all contribute to the flawless execution of the routing, scheduling and dispatch procedures.
We offer nationwide coverage, daily deliveries within 24 hours, door-to-door services as well as express services.

- Warehousing
Our company offers a range of high quality warehousing options, as well as additional services such as cargo handling and packaging, excise goods handling, labeling and re-packing.

- Dedicated DC
We provide excellent assistance for our customers who need dedicated warehousing services complied with their individual requirements. A set of operational professionals and modern technologies are situated in all our distribution centers in order to provide time and cost-saving operating efficiency and inventory accuracy.

- Bonded
Our company offers bonded warehouse services which offer increased flexibility to our customers, making it possible to re-export without worrying about duties, and perform different operations on demand in order to deliver the goods to the market as fast as possible.


By choosing to work with us, our customers get the benefits of greater flexibility and lower carrying costs in addition to excellent proficiency and know-how.

The availability of 4PL and LLP services provide end-to-end visibility of progress without disturbing the completion of operations and goals within the set time-frames.

Home Deliveries

We provide door-to-door services to both private companies and individuals, handling various types of goods which can be delivered to, or picked up from private homes.